Alpharhythm has been producing his distinctive brand of techno, dub & downbeat for 15 years.

Having performed at numerous festivals including The Gathering, Destination, AlpineUnity, Rippon, Eudaemony & Massive Solstices, his customary morning sets have become the stuff of legend..

Alpharhythm has supported certifiable tech legends such as:

  • Monolake (Germany)
  • Deadbeat/Crackhaus (Canada)
  • Dave Mothersole (UK)
  • Micronism (New Zealand)
  • epsilon-blue (New Zealand)
  • Pitch Black (New Zealand)

He describes his sound as "deep, spaced-out techno with elements of house, dub & breaks, with the occasional melodic flourish".

Other people have described it variously as:" slacker tek", "dawn techno"."a full-body massage for the ears", "head music for the dancefloor"

His debut long player Sentient Beings(Doubtful Sounds 2006)has received widespread critcal acclaim
(4 stars from Simon Sweetman,Dominion Post&Ania Glowiacz ,NZ musician
It is almost out of print, but a few copies are still available ...